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The team who believes, that games are something more than just an entertainment. For us – it is the art of the XXI century, with an outstanding new element – interactivity. Despite the all previous directions of art, it is the ability to create new stories and huge worlds with a new outstanding experience! A unique chance to be a part of the new story, or breathe the new life into well-known one.

Games are an infinite amount of opportunities in ideas, points of views and ways of mind. Key from the door between reality and completely new and unique worlds of imagination. However, one thing is equal for each game – its existence, because its creators have their own reasons. So, what is our main reason? Everything is simple: You wonder – we make it real!


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The world of Guard of Wonderland is a VR-Visual Novel created from our inspirations of "Alice in Wonderland"; a tribute of respect and love for the author's talent. Here is the atmosphere of absurdity and, at the same time, the beauty of the world in the book, but with new characters and an unconventional look at the story of Wonderland. Adventures will reveal a terrible story, where phantasmagoria, influenced under the impression of the book, intertwines with the eerie reality of our world!

Unique features

♛ The world's first visual novel in virtual reality, dedicated to the world of Alice in Wonderland!
♟ The insane journey through the phantasmagoria of Wonderland
♞ The plot presented in verse and visual images
♜ Interactive gameplay with battles
♝ Several alternative endings

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