Game Manual


Controls and in-game mechanics


● At the moment there are two languages in game — English and Russian. The language is automatically recognized by the game, depending on the language of the operating system. If you need to switch the language, press F11 on the keyboard.
● The game automatically determines which headset is connected. Depending on the connected device, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift will be detected
● If there are any problems with the FPS drawdown:

• Before starting the game, it is recommended to disable all unnecessary third-party programs.
• If there is a drawdown FPS — go to the main menu and try through the selection of chapters restart the chapter you need.
• If the first previous point did not help, try to restart the game.
• If the first previous point did not help, try to restart your PC.

● If you’ve encountered with issue on Oculus headsets when you turn your head, the image is «blurred», these combinations can solve this problem:

• Control-Numpad1: Disables ASW and returns to the standard rendering mode.
• Control-Numpad2: Forces apps to 45Hz with ASW disabled. Depending on the application, you are likely to experience judder

● The game automatically keeps progress and does not require manual saving


● HTC Vive controller settings

● Oculus Rift controller settings

● In the beginning of the game you can choose the main controller. Select the right or left controller to use it as a «pointer» for selecting in-game elements and in-game objects.
● You can control the dialogue by clicking on the left or right arrow, which are located on the side of the text frame or control the process using the back triggers on the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift controllers
● To return back from the «Chapter Select» mode, press the back left controller trigger

In-game menu “Pocket watch”
Pocket watch picture[] ● Left: Exit
● Down: Chapters selection
● Right: Fast forward
● To close the menu — press «Choose» in the center of the clock face

Battle Mode

● You have the opportunity to choose the type of attack. If you chose the wrong type, the enemy will attack you.
● To avoid an attack, you need to go to the right or left and stay there until the animation with the message «Evasion» above won’t disappear.
● To return to battle, you need to stand in front of the enemy on the red crossed swords icon — in this case, the buttons of attack selection will become available again.
● After completing each chapter for any of the characters, you will be joined by a ally and add +1 extra life to the health stock, however, the maximum of health points in the game is limited to ten lives


● For the passing of the chapter by any hero, you will see the next chapter with the possibility to continue the storyline for the chosen hero and the second one. Select an available chapter or re-run the previous chapters one more time. You can open «Chapters menu» using the main screen menu or using in-game «Pocket watch» in the upper left corner.
● Also, at the end of each of the five chapters there is a choice for which of the heroes to continue the storyline. Using «Laser», point on one of the heroes and click «Choose» to continue the game.
● Depending on the frequency of the game for a certain hero, you will have a certain ending. If you complete the game for both heroes, you will have a «full» version of the ending and an epilogue.
● After completing each chapter, you will be facing the arch of the transition to the next chapter. To continue to the next chapter — move the laser point to the image inside the arch and press «Choose»