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Is a team who believes, that games are something more than just an entertainment. For us – it is the art of the XXI century, with an outstanding new element – interactivity. Despite the all previous directions of art, it is the ability to create new stories, huge worlds and even universes with a new outstanding experience! A unique chance to be a part of the new story, or breathe the new life into well-known one.

Games are an infinite amount of opportunities in ideas, points of views and ways of mind. Key from the door between reality and completely new and unique worlds of imagination. However, one thing is equal for each game – its existence, because its creators have their own reasons. So, what is our main reason? Everything is simple: You wonder – we make it real!

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Collectable card novel

The world of Guard of Wonderland is not just an interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s books. Despite the plenty of references to the original story, the world of the game is full of well-known and new characters, new incredible plot and atypical view of Wonderland’s history and its heroes. Chess Queens are trying to start a war for the right of the being a true Queen, while other Wonderland’s creatures faced with the much more evil and dark threat. All is not what it seems, when your head over heels. Alice gets involved in the royal intrigues and becomes a part of the dark and twisted story. All heroes have their own destiny and path, but whether or not – they’ll reach the common way. The way to the truth about Queen of four suits, Watchmaker, Mechanic, The Secret room and The Clock Tower.

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